Client testimonials

Athletes of all levels and sports have walked through the doors of Dr. Bob's office and have all experienced the power of Energetic Sports Lab treatments.  Here's what they have to say.


“I’ve been working with Dr. Bob for over 20 years of my life and it never ceases to amaze that he continues to find the best ways to treat the mind body and soul. When I was a teenager he made me feel like a grown man. When I was playing in the NFL he made me feel like the best version of myself and now that I’m retired he makes me feel like a teenager again. Thanks Dr. Bob” – Nate Burleson, NFL, Retired


“Dr. Bob’s work transcends the normal inadequate treatment for athletes. He is able to specialize into extremely specific needs that immediately enhance performance, mentality, and wellbeing. “– Luke Wilson, NFL, Seattle Seahawks


“I had the unique fortune of meeting Dr. Bob when my son severely sprained his ankle 3 days before the State Championship basketball tournament in 2014.   We had never met before but were introduced over the telephone by a mutual friend.  After a very short conversation, he offered to drive 2 ½ hours to treat our son who had been told by an orthopedic surgeon that we would need 6-8 weeks to heal.   In less than an hour our son was jumping on his ankle and by the next morning he was able to play at full speed.    I had never believed in this type of medicine but after seeing it in practice, I have become not only a believer but an advocate for it. 

The most important part of Dr. Bob’s work is his treatment of the complete body, mind, and soul, which he takes very seriously.    He truly helps his patents (friends) become the best they can be in all.  By making us aware of every aspect of how we live, eat, sleep, and stretch we can have more energy and live healthier and more productive lives.”- Joe Bundrant, CEO, Trident Seafoods


“Doctor Bob has been a GREAT help to me ever since high school. He is someone that I trust, someone who is loyal, and a person who will help you reach your maximum potential. Give him a try, and you’ll never look back.” – Jamal Crawford, NBA, Los Angeles Clippers


"Dr. Bob has been one of the most influential, behind-the-scenes forces in assisting professional, college and high school athletes get the most from their bodies for more than 20 years. I've personally relied on him to assist me with ailments developed from playing college basketball and from other normal wear and tear that we all experience as we age. He's terrific." – Jason Hamilton, University of Washington, Basketball Color Commentary on the Washington ISP Sports Network



“Bob, or Dr. Bob as we like to call him, is my go-to practitioner. While working with patients I find the healing process blocked by, in most cases, something unexplainable to the average modality. I work solely for a group of NFL players. We joke all the time about finding the explanation of what Dr. Bob does. In all reality, there is no explanation. We are working with a creative genius who through the years have developed his way of assessment and treatment unlike any other in the industry. This is a man that I trust and send patients to. The collaboration between the unexplainable and my modalities of choice produce a product unmatched. Dr. Bob is an asset to all and a visionary among all that are searching for wellness, balance, and energy. “- Nicole Ledbetter, Massage Therapist to NFL players